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House of Suntory DOJO with Hidetsugu Ueno

Hidetsugu Ueno shares the skills and artistry it takes to create cocktails behind the finest bars in Japan.

Dojo Lesson 1: Ice Carving

Hidetsugu Ueno breaks down not just the how but the why of carving ice for cocktails. He prefers to begin with large blocks and shares the tools one might choose to create the singular shapes for each cocktail.

Dojo Lesson 2: Ice Diamond

Hidetsugu Ueno demonstrates his signature diamond-shaped ice cube.

Dojo Lesson 3: Cocktail Shaking

Shaking a cocktail requires just one thing if you want to be a bartender for life, according to Hidetsugu Ueno. Find out what that is and get a glimpse into the creation of his signature serve, The White Lady.

Dojo Lesson 4: Cocktail Stirring

Hidetsugu Ueno demonstrates several ways to stir cocktails in the style of a Japanese bartender. He uses a Japanese Garden cocktail to demonstrate his technique.

Dojo: Japanese Whisky and Scotch Whisky

What's the difference between Japanese whisky and Scotch? Senior Brand Ambassador, Gardner Dunn explains the three main points of difference.

Dojo: Whisky Tasting

Gardner Dunn leads a whisky tasting at the Beam Suntory tasting room at the new global headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, describing a couple of his favorite sips.