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What if there were a secret door in the back hall of your favorite bar or restaurant and it led to an incredible library and bustling community center devoted solely to the art of hospitality? The Blend is a meeting place where all of us, from those just starting out to the icons in the industry, can learn, collaborate, innovate and inspire. Beam Suntory and industry professionals like us are coming together to share our wisdom and passion. The only thing missing is you.

Be Inspired

Gain invaluable insights from mentors around the world.

Transforming Hospitality Culture

Chelsea Gregoire guides us through some simple (and let's face it, some complex) ideas about how we can change the way we run restaurants and bars to make our workplace more inclusive, more supportive and give us all more room to grow.

Balancing Work & Wellness with FOH

Join Lauren Paylor and Alex Jump of FOH for a in-depth look at their personal journeys through the tribulations of finding an equilibrium - past, present, and future.

Blends of the Virtual World

From The Blend Australia Explore the world of creative, sustainable cocktail making, from the ground up. Immerse yourself in this online series for bartenders, learning a new way to craft cocktails, basic gardening etiquette, coastal and urban foraging, the importance of seasonality, and the world of bees and beehive management.

A Global Community Built for Hospitality, By Hospitality

Learn, engage, and be inspired alongside hospitality professionals from across the globe at all stages of their careers.

Still Learning

Developed by world-class educators, Still Learning is a brand-new way to learn about spirits.

Service Well

Voices you trust, going in-depth on the industry you love. The Service Well is the spot for deep thoughts, experts' advice, and the occasional nostalgic moment. 

The Industry is Buzzing

We're bringing together trusted authorities to share their expertise on hospitality's hottest topics.