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The Blend Videos: Best Practices and Ingredient of the Moment

We got some top-notch talent to share their thoughts on Best Practices and Ingredient of the Moment and then WE FILMED IT! Sometimes the best advice comes from the people that are out there using the tools, managing the bar and pouring the drink because they have experience and DEFINITELY have opinions.

Best Practices

Community Engagement- Louisville

A lot of times we ask “how” before we ask “why” when it comes to community engagement. Felicia, Nicole and Kaitlyn have put giving back and getting involved at the heart of their brand of hospitality and found that asking “why” actually reveals the “how.” We love the thoughtful way these folks are solving the problem and super excited they took the time to share their approach with us. Why are you interested in reaching out to your community? We would love to hear all of your “why’s!”

Physical Wellness: Kansas City

How do you take care of yourself? Hospitality is hard on the body and the mind. What are the things you do to make sure you have a great shift?? And how can we create a culture at work where making time for yourself is encouraged?

Constructive Feedback- Albuquerque

Managing people is one of the most challenging parts of hospitality. How can we do it in a thoughtful way? Let’s make some goals and help our teams achieve them! (Use of finger guns optional.)

Interacting with Salespeople: Birmingham

Steva and Eric explain what actions we can take to make the relationship a win for both the buyer AND the seller. Setting good boundaries and communicating expectations are a great place to start but play to the end to hear what these two Birmingham bar pros really want from the people selling them spirits.

Talking Politics at the Bar: Chicago

“Ma’am” five ways, by Siobhan Tuck, served exclusively for The Blend. Siobhan shares her thoughts on this edition of Best Practices: Politics at the Bar. How do you head off conflict at work? Which “ma’am” would work for your guests?

To vibe and imbibe by John Brown, served exclusively for The Blend. How do you encourage all kinds of conversations at the bar without it getting too heated? John shares his thoughts on this edition of Best Practices: Politics at the Bar.

Pandemic Procedures: Cincinnati

Molly Wellmann joins The Blend for the COVID 19 edition of our Best Practices series. As Cincinnati begins to re-open, Molly shares some of things she is keeping in mind. The pandemic isn’t over yet, and she wants to keep both her guests and her staff as safe as possible.

Fashion Behind the Bar: Cincinnati

What do you wear to work? Sandrina Newki loves to express herself and her style through the clothes she wears so, naturally, we asked her to share her thoughts about fashion for our Best Practices series. Especially after spending so much time at home over the last year, fashion is about to make a comeback! Have you planned your outfit?

Community Engagement: Detroit

Community engagement is key to creating and supporting the people and places where we work and do business. Joel Barron of Detroit shares several ways to walk your talk and show your community you care. 

Ingredient of the Moment

Coffee: Chicago

Dark Matter coffee expert, Aaron Campos, talks community, rock ‘n’ roll, and customer service with Kristina Magro. Coffee and cocktails have always been good neighbors but sometimes they join forces to make each other even better. 

The Coffee Cocktail: Chicago

Irish Coffee

Jam: Detroit

Aleahia Thompson jams with Katrina Iott of Beau Bien Fine Foods on the subject of, you guessed it, JAM! Detroit-style pizza, sure, but Detroit-style jam? From how the fruit is sourced to why it's is so great in a cocktail, follow the journey of making jam with this local Detroit small business. Why are we suddenly so hungry for a PB & J? 

The Jam Cocktail: Detroit

Aleahia Thompson shakes up a Knob Creek Rye Scofflaw for us using Detroit's own Beau Bien Strawberry Hibiscus Jam. Buying locally made products means knowing where ingredients come from, how they are made and who is making them...which makes an even better cocktail.