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The Blend Videos: Gear Review and Spotlight

We got some top-notch talent to share their thoughts on tools for Gear Review and met some interesting people doing interesting work for our Spotlight series and then WE FILMED IT! Sometimes the best advice comes from the people that are out there using the tools, managing the bar and pouring the drink because they have experience and DEFINITELY have opinions.

Gear Review

Drought Cocktails: Albuquerque

Draught Cocktails: why are they worth it and how do we do it? We asked some of the keenest minds in the industry about their experiences creating a massive drought cocktail program in Albuquerque, New Mexico and this is what they said! Thanks to Blaze, Oscar and Timmie for being so generous with their time and knowledge!

Julep Strainer: Louisville

What do Susie, Nataleigh, and Jared really think about Julep Strainers? They are not afraid to tell you. 

Muddlers: Chicago

 Just muddling through over here in Chicago. Amy, Richard, and Safia take a stand on the subject of muddlers! 

Pour Spouts: Cincinnati

We have all had that moment when your spout leaks all down the front of your clothes when you go to pour. A good pour spout makes a better drink and can help you be a better bartender, so we wanted to know which ones are the best. Our friends in Cincinnati, Mike, Ashley and Joshua got together to compare notes on their favorites.

Mixing Glasses: Detroit

Fancy or indestructible? Mixing glasses come in many forms so we asked our friends in Detroit, Shane Bang, Melissa Kim, and Corey Clavet to compare their favorites for our Gear Review series . 


Neon Memories: Exploring Neonworks of Cincinnati

Is there anything more iconic than a neon sign? The bright colorful light recalls a bygone era, where bars and restaurant’s outdoor signs beckoned, and the bar where you poured drinks was filled with ads on the walls and buzzing in the windows. Take a trip down memory lane with Tom Wartman of Neonworks of Cincinnati and discover the artistry of neon tube bending happening even today.

The Pandemic and Our Industry : Winter 2020-2021

In February 2021 it had been almost a year since bars and restaurants shut-down due to the pandemic. We all remember where we were when we heard the news and tried to figure out what was next. The people behind Another Round Another Rally, Southern Smoke and Restaurant Workers Community Foundation spent that weekend transitioning all of their resources and creativity into building a net to catch those hospitality folks who needed help. Because that’s what our industry does.

The Blend US salutes the organizations whose mission it is to chip away at systemic issues in hospitality and are leading the rescue effort in our communities as we face the economic fallout of a global pandemic. Thank you for all your hard work.