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What Servers Think about the Service Well

Navigating the server/ well bartender relationship is a delicate balance. We asked our team of servers how they build an effective team with the folks behind the bar.  Education and communication are always top among the solutions but read on to find out what specific steps these pros have taken.

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Menus: Making a Good First Impression

What makes a great menu? And how can we make them more exciting and useful? Our server panel weighs in on what makes a menu a knockout.

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Setting Boundaries with Difficult Tables

We have all had that table that just can't be pleased, and we all have our own style when it comes to dealing with them. We wanted to compare notes, so we asked Kevin, Paul, Sarah, and Julie what their strategies were when it comes to tough guests. 

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Gifts for Your Guests

There are many ways to say thank you to your guests. And many ways to apologize to a table for something that may have gone wrong. We asked four servers how they use comps to enhance their service during a shift. 

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Is the QR Code® Menu Here to Stay?

Are you Team Paper Menu or Team QR Code? Sarah, Hannah, Paul, and Kassandra weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. How do you see menus and our interaction with the guest evolving?

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Debating the Front Waiter / Back Waiter Model

What do you think about the frontwaiter/ backwaiter  system of serving? We asked Hannah, Paul, Sarah, and Kevin about it and they had some interesting things to say.

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The Harmony and Headaches of Managing your Section

The challenges of meeting your section's needs and still helping the team is an everyday balancing act for servers. Every restaurant is a little different so we asked Sarah, Kassandra, Paul, and Kevin for their insights into building a great night for the guest, your colleagues, and you.

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Table Touching Like a Pro

Serving tables is an art and reading the room is key to having a great shift. How do pro servers get a feel for each guest's needs without being psychic? We asked Paul, Kevin, Hannah, and Kasandra about their style when they approach tables.⁠

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