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The Open Secret in Hospitality

Our work in restaurants and bars means we deal with alcohol all day, every day, and it's common to blow off some steam after a stressful shift with a cocktail or several. It's no wonder our industry struggles with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Christina Mighty pulls back the curtain on how drinking and hospitality are linked, and talks with some of our colleagues who are talking openly about the issue in hopes of making some positive changes.


How do you make your Manhattan? Your Brooklyn variation? But more importantly, why do we make these cocktails the way we do? As usual, the answer lies in the past. Jennifer Colliau traces the lineage of the Manhattan in our latest edition of Cocktail Families.

Using Beer in Cocktails

Beer is the new bubbles, or is it? With the variety of beer available and the vast creativity of those folks behind the bar, beer cocktails are way beyond Boilermakers these days. 

Everything You Need to Know About the Whiskey Highball

We are taking a deep dive into the highball! PJ Smerechansky gets nerdy about this cocktail and all its traditions, details and incarnations.

The Sazerac: A New Orleans Pilgrimage

Shannon Mustipher describes her perfect moments in New Orleans, sipping her perfect cocktail: The Sazerac.

Beyond the Spirit Animal: Searching for Indigenous Representation in Hospitality

Chockie Tom shares her perspective as an Indigenous person working in hospitality on how our industry can grow its awareness and consideration of our indigenous colleagues.


As gardens overflow with late summer tomatoes of all sizes and colors, Alana Peck and Michael Neff give you some good ideas of how to put them to use! 

Shaker Tins

What is your favorite shaker tin? Christina Mercado tries four different ones and describes what task each tin is made to do and why it might be your new favorite tool.