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Voices you trust, going in-depth on the industry you love. The Service Well is the spot for deep thoughts, experts' advice, and the occasional nostalgic moment. 

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Weighing in on the Tipping System.

The Blend asked bar leaders to weigh in on this topic and discuss their ideas for reimagining tipping in their markets.

The Afro-Caribbean Roots of American Classic Cocktails

Where American drinks culture is concerned, historically, rum is EVERYTHING.

Do We Have To Give Up on Sustainability During COVID-19?

Before March of 2020, sustainability was the darling buzzword of the industry. That focus shifted drastically once COVID-19 began sweeping through the States.

It’s Time to Retire Using “Multicultural” and Other Coded Words.

It is time to retire using “multicultural” and other coded words from the liquor and hospitality industry lexicon.

Turning Tables Class of 2020

A Spotlight of Turning Table's Class of 2020 - A foundation for equity, diversity, leadership, and career pathways in the bartending and hospitality community. 

Advice to A New Bartender

The Blend asked some industry veterans to dig deep, reflect on their professional experiences, and offer advice for new bartenders starting in the service industry. 

The Cocktail

Traditionally, “Cocktail” was the name of a specific mixed drink composed of spirit, sugar, water, and bitters. As mixology flourished, this became known as the Old Fashioned...

Service Standards Every Bar Should Have

The Blend checked in with four bartenders to hear what different service standards they feel should be ubiquitous.