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What Do You Know About the Subminimum Wage?

How can employers pay tipped employees less, legally? John B. Reyna explains how subminimum wage works and what people need to know if they are getting paid in this way.

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How Does the Tip Credit Work?

What is the Fair Labor Standards Act Tip Credit? If you are a tipped employee making subminimum wage this is information you should know!

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Cocktail Families: Fizz

What makes a fizz a fizz? Is it an egg yolk? Or is it the soda bubbles that make the sound fizzzzzzzz? Jennifer Collieau takes us on another journey through history and the current trends to explore all things fizz!

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Just a Bartender

Ciera Sears waxes poetic about why she prefers to be called a bartender over the hotly debated term "mixologist."

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Quit Like a Hero!

Here’s what you should think about when you’re ready to leave your job, including why to quit, the importance of communication and feedback, and how to quit. The hope is that we leave our jobs before there is long-term emotional trauma that infiltrates our future workspaces. Over time we can create better feedback processes so employers can course correct—leaving our professional relationships and integrity intact.

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Leave Your Toxic Positivity at the Door

When we are asked to leave our personal emotions at the door when we walk into work, it feels like we aren't allowed to be our true selves on the job. But what else is happening? Founder of Healthy Pour, organizational consultant, licensed psychotherapist, and former hospitality and drinks professional Laura Louise Green delves into what effects toxic positivity is really having on our well-being and how integrating our feelings might make your work more satisfying.

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The Myth of Work-Life Balance

Organizational consultant, licensed psychotherapist, graduate student (again!), and former hospitality and drinks professional Laura Louise Green shares her thoughts on our relationship with work, non-work activities, and how they sometimes overlap in the world of hospitality.

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Cocktail Families: Highball

With some attention to detail, the Highball can be so much more than bubbles and booze.

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