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It’s Halloween tomorrow, a favourite time of the year for many of us where we can unleash our creativity and go wild with the cocktails and decorations! Halloween 2020 may be a little different to normal, but we hope we can still inspire you with some of our favourite delicious cocktail recipes.​

​If you’re a fan of Maker’s Mark, try the Halloween Delight or Autumn Sour, favourites of Jan “Fossi” Forsberg, the Maker’s Mark Diplomat for Germany.​

​Or, James Bowker, the House of Suntory Brand Ambassador in the UK, recommends the Tokyo Mule, made with Haku Vodka; the Bloody Geisha, made with Roku Gin; or the Trick or Treacle, made with Toki Whisky. ​

​Keep scrolling to see the recipes for yourselves!​

Tokyo Mule​

50ml Haku Vodka​

5ml Yuzu Juice​

Top with Ginger Beer​

Garnish with caramelised ginger​

Bloody Geisha​

50ml Roku Gin​

50ml Clarified Tomato and Pumpkin Cordial​

50ml Soda Water​

Garnish with Tomato/pumpkin top​


Trick or Treacle​

50ml Toki Whisky​

10ml Pink Umami Syrup (Pink Peppercorn, Pink Oyster Mushroom and Honey)​

25ml Apple Juice​

3 Dashes Shiso Bitters​

Serve in a Masu Cup and Garnish with Pink Oyster Mushroom​


Halloween Delight​

50ml Maker’s Mark ​

20ml Creme de Cacoa white ​

50ml carrot Juice ​

10ml fresh Lemon​

10ml simple Syrup ​

Nutmeg on top​

Autumn Sour ​

40ml Maker’s Mark ​

20ml pear Liquor ​

30ml fresh Lemon​

20ml simple Syrup ​

1 Barspoon Laphroaig Select ​

1 Dash Black Walnut Bitter