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Maker´s Mark Homestory #1

Here's how to make your Kentucky Straight Bourbon part of a delicious, authentic BBQ

Usually, our day is all about high-end drinks made with high-end spirits. At least in theory. The corona virus has moved our everyday focus from bar to home. A seismic shift that also affects our German brand ambassadors. While they should be out there, moving around, visiting you, swapping news and tips or trying novel concoctions, corona has put a break to all that. 

Since they were happy and eager to explore new ways to communicate with the community and share their love of excellent spirits, we’ve given them some new tools of the trade: a set of video equipment. Let’s see what they’ve come up with to give us a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes. 

So, what happens when we leave Jan Forsberg aka Fossi at home with nothing but a camera, a microphone and a few bottles of Maker’s Mark? That’s the topic of our very first brand ambassador home story. 

Anyone who’s met Fossi will know that he loves good food at least as much as he loves great drinks – after all, the combo of food and drink lends itself to some creative collaborations. Inspired by the Kentucky Straight Bourbon down-to-earth roots, Fossi decided to invite us all to his first BBQ of the season – featuring Maker’s Mark on the grill, on the plate and in the glass. Cheers!


Fossi’s three-part Maker’s Mark BBQ kicks off with a savoury Dry Rub. 
Making it requires some real muscle (hands-on grinding in a mortar!) and around 25 hours in total, but the result – when gently rubbed into juicy meat – is worth every single minute. 

For his Dry Rub, Fossi teases out the hearty aromas of roasted oak, vanilla and caramel to transform his tender meat into an ultra-tasty BBQ experience. That’s certainly worth the temporary swap of bar counter for the kitchen!

Download recipe here.