Gin originated in either Holland or England for medicinal purposes. In fact, the Gin & Tonic was used to help the British troops fight off Malaria during war times. Gin is made all over the world, it’s distilled from fermented grains and predominately flavoured with juniper, although other botanicals (flavours) are also used. Today it forms the base for many classic cocktails including the Martini-Collins, the Bramble and the Ramos Fizz.


Gin’s history and later emergence owes its success to some unlikely elements, including its Dutch neighbors to the West, some legislation to reduce its production, and a newfound consumer demand for bitterness and stronger flavours in drinks.

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Gin can be categorized as a spirit flavoured with Juniper, as well as botanicals including fruits, herbs, barks, berries and nuts.

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Take a trip back in time, from 150 BC to modern day

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Learn more about the different types of gin. 

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