With the world starting to come out of the virtual shell we're able to start having some LIVE events again to mix and mingle in with our fantastic virtual events!

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Omotenashi awaits!

Scholars, we’re excited to announce our next round of events across Australia, bringing you the insights around the craftsmanship of our House of Suntory brands HAKU, ROKU & TOKI and the art of Japanese hospitality, Omotenashi.


Meet the Maker

The Blend is giving three (3) lucky hospitality professionals the opportunity to meet Rob Samuels, in Sydney at an intimate and immersive Maker’s Mark lunch.


Galliano invites you to a Garden Party

Get ready for a festive and fun party; as we 'aperitivo' in style to capture Galliano’s unique character and showcase ‘summer in a glass’ - the Galliano Vanilla Mule.

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