Toasted Oak

Toasted coconut flambéed with orange juice, ginger and honey syrup thrown between two shakers with Auchentoshan® American Oak single malt and an Ale craft beer, served over the rocks.


Old Fashioned / Rocks


Orange twist and vanilla straw


45ml Auchentoshan® American Oak

3 bsp coconut flakes

10ml fresh orange juice

10ml ginger & honey syrup

30ml Ale Craft beer


Flambé coconut flakes in Auchentoshan® to achieve a flash infusion. While on fire add beer, orange juice and ginger & honey syrup in a shaker. While on fire, pour coconut flambéed Auchentoshan®into the shaker. Throw cocktail between 2 shakers to aerate, chill and dilute cocktail. Strain into a rocks glass over a large block of ice. Garnish.