Late Night Blues

Cocktail created by Matteo Giraudo, for the NZ regional finals of The Perfect Blend cocktail competition, Oceania 2017.

  • Ingredients

    45ml Bowmore® 12 Year Old

    15ml blackberry liqueur

    3 dashes Peychaud's bitters

    15ml grapefruit zest syrup

    15ml lavender water

    lavender smoke (5g of dry lavender)

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    Fresh lavender and orange zest


    Put all the ingredients in the jar and gently shake it. Smoke the jar with lavender and top it with a cork. Serve the smoked jar with the old fashioned glass filled with ice and garnished with fresh lavender and orange zest.


    Old fashioned glass & little jar

    Matteo Giraudo

    Introducing the creator of Late Night Blues, Matteo Giraudo. Matteo is an apprentice category finalist in The Perfect Blend Cocktail competition 2017 from New Zealand.