Nationally recognized as being significantly important to the United States, it has recently gone through a burgeoning boom. Bourbon is one of the most heavily regulated categories in the spirits industry. Its’ history is rich, and its’ story one of renaissances.


From presidential admirers to being stifled by production, Bourbon’s history is checkered. How did America’s spirit go from being born of necessity to supplement rum production, to now having over 1400 craft distilleries across all 50 U.S states?

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America’s whiskey is dictated by series of rules set out to guard everything from local industry, to the integrity of the flavour, proof, and age all Bourbon must be bottled at. These regulations protect the purity of Bourbon and guard against producers taking shortcuts.

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Learn more about the timeline of Bourbon.

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Bourbon is now made in all 50 states across the USA. There’s little scope for great experimentation, however the rich breadth of flavours and styles are explained here.

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