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“Nothing is permanent” says our Maker’s Mark Diplomat​

We really want to get to know our community, and for you to get to know us, so we’re going to be having an informal chat with some of our team and our members (you could be next!), to share words of wisdom and support.​

​First up, we picked up with Maker’s Mark Diplomat in Germany, Jan “Fossi” Forsberg, as he takes a break from re-working the training series THE MAKERS for digital.​

What does this year have in store for you, or what would you like to achieve?

Hopefully less pandemic! Despite careful planning, due to the current situation it’s not easy to implement everything as planned, as we often have to adapt so quickly. My biggest wish is to have a good drink with my friends and bartenders, with everyone healthy and cheerful.​

Are you working on anything exciting? 

We are in the process of finalising the annual plans for 2021 and I’m super curious about how we can implement our program ‘THE MAKERS’ on a digital level. ‘THE MAKERS’ is based on four topics: wood, water, wheat and wax. This year, we will take two of them per year and take a deep dive into that topic and everything that is related to the process of producing Bourbon. ​

​Before Covid-19, we would have three workshops a year, which unfortunately could not take place in 2020 due to the pandemic, so this year, the first workshop will most likely be digital. We will be taking up the topic ‘wood’ first, and though transforming it into a digital concept is super fun for me, it’s quite a new process, so a little exhausting too! Of course, I am also happy to see the participants again, even if it will only be through the screen without a hug.​


What was the biggest take out from last year?

That nothing is permanent; 2020 has taught us that no jobs are safe. It was great to see how everyone supported each other, because in the end, you are all in the same boat. Ideas were shared and a switch to delivery services, for example, happened in a few days. It's great to work in such a collaborative and creative community and being a helpful part of it.  ​


The biggest trend you think is going to come out this year? What’s hot/what’s not?

I have already asked that myself and unfortunately, I do not have a concrete answer yet. I was chatting to some bartenders about this, and they see 2021 more as the year of reconstruction instead of trendsetting. ​


Where’s the first place you’ll head to when the world starts to re-open?

A bar, probably! To be honest, I don't know which bar, because everyone deserves to be visited. So, I think it will be a lot of long evenings with a lot of people I haven’t seen in far too long, having great conversations. I look forward to it!​


Lastly, what is your favourite drink?

I don't have a favorite drink; I just have preferences. It depends on the mood, the place and the people around me. As a Maker's Mark Diplomat, I would lie if I said that Bourbon wasn't my preferred choice, but again, it depends on the situation. I like to start my evening with a good Whisky sour, but I also love to lean myself back in bars all around the globe, asking for the bartender’s recommendation and I’ve always enjoyed excellent and innovative drinks. ​