The global coronavirus pandemic has had concrete impact on the hospitality sector of Australia. When the news was announcement from Prime Minister Scott Morrison that all bars, pubs and clubs had to close their doors, and restaurants and cafes couldn’t provide table service in venue, this has placed the hospitality sector and its people in uncharted waters.

All of you, are living and breathing it everyday, and with it currently not known when venues will be permitted to re-open or recommence normal business activities, the need to act quickly and decisively was imperative to ensure businesses are preserved when facing an extended period of little or no cash flow.

The Blend caught up with gregarious, Stefano Catino, Co-owner of Maybe Sammy for insights into how the situation of Covid-19 has impacted his businesses. In true ‘Stefano’ Italian fashion, the interview explores how he responded, both emotionally and physically in relation to operations for his business, and what advice to give other bartenders, business owners and their staff during this time. Stefano also shares what resources he tapped into such as government funding or assistance, (which may provide some handy tips), but also his positive outlook and the importance of using this time to explore opportunities that exist within this unprecedented time we’ve found ourselves.

Grab a cuppa, and settle in, it’s a long one but informative – we hope you find it useful!

The Blend have more interviews coming.

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