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Ginevra's Bar Backstage

Ginevra explores the theme of inclusivity and gender equality from the hand of three industry icons in Barcelona.


Adal Márquez, head bartender of Boadas Cocktail, shares the story of Maria Dolores, how the first lady making cocktails in the history of Spain inspire him to create a new path in the industry where everyone feels included and respected, no matter your gender or sexual orientation. And industry where you can be who you are, and not who you're supposed to be.


Marta, owner and founder of Batea & Besta restaurants , shares how she started to dive in into the matter of inclusivity, highlighting that all of us should be part of the conversation, where women and men should sit together and learn how they all can support and understand each other.


Raiza, bar manager at Libertine (Casa Bonay), understands inclusivity as see each other as human beings, where tolerance is key and education the tool to foster a more inclusive hospitality community. For Raiza, they are moving towards a point where they have more visibility as people from different genders and races are given now more opportunities, even though there's still a long way to go.


Ginevra teaches us how to craft one of her favourite cocktails, the refreshing French Pearl, with ROKU, her recipe:


50ml of ROKU

25 ml of lime juice

15 ml of simple syrup

1 spoon of Pastis






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