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Ginevra's food for thoughts

From podcasts hosted by other women leading the industry to books that changed the way she thinks about our world, Ginevra wants to share with us where she gets her inspiration from!

Donde Bebe Rebe

Podcast of a brave female sommelier



Podcast of Mapa de Barmaids, a platform similar to Ellas Empowerment


Euphoria (HBO)

TV series about being an American teenager nowadays and how it can be difficult living among society's principles and stereotypes


Zero Limits (Haleakalä Hew Len)

Book that completely changed my way of thinking and made me understand the importance of forgiveness.


La Curandera (Carlos Valdelagua)

A book about the spiritual growth that every woman should go through


? Leon, The Professional (Luc Besson)

Best movie ever. About true love.


Flawless (Spotify)

My motivational playlist