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Growing drinks in the Modern Bar with Sam Egerton and Friends

Sustainability & Minimal Waste has been an area of focus for The Blends of the World (BOTW) for quite sometimes, partnering with renowned bartenders and venues such as Trash Tiki and Dandelyan as well as Charlie Parker’s a few years ago!

Now, a brand-new collaboration, is about to launch.

The Blends of the VIRTUAL World (BOTVW) presents ‘Growing Drinks in the Modern Bar’ with Sam Egerton & Friends (Giacomo Franceschi and Luke Ashton).

We like to think of it as a similar to a Netflix series, but for trade education!

Within each episode, you’ll discover a new way to Craft Cocktails, as well as Education on Basic Gardening Etiquette, Foraging, Seasonality, the World of Bee’s and Garden to Glass recipes. On this series, you will be taken behind the scenes at both Charlie Parker’s and Will’s bars in Sydney.

Growing Drinks in the Modern Bar’ is an online learning platform, with weekly episodes released, to guide you on sustainable practices and what goes on behind the scenes prior to the cocktail making!

One week you will learn about getting dirty in the garden, and the following you will be taken to the eastern Sydney coast lines and learn about Foraging. Not to mention learning about the Birds and the Bee’s*.

*Disclaimer: Less birds, more Bees, but there is a lot of gardening puns so be ready for the dad jokes!

Explore how Sam and his team implement these into their day-to-day venue operations and the benefits and purpose of fundamentally, having the root of their produce right on their doorstep.

Sam will take you through how these practices are commercially viable, saving not only money but also precious time to the teams, and how to be mindful of your own resources.

With the release of David Attenborough’s, ‘A life on our Planet’, (if you haven’t seen it, it’s a must!) the timing is apt in to how we can start ourselves helping save the planet from added waste.

Growing Drinks in the Modern Bar begins next week!


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