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Keila's food for thoughts

From a book about humankind to a documentary offering an intimate view of the natural world and more, Keila shares with us her recommendations to get inspired outside of our cocktail books...

Sapiens by Yuval Noa Harari   

It should be a compulsory read at school. The world would be a much nicer place.


Maid, (Netflix) 

A show about how emotional abuse can be as damaging as the physical one. Definitely one of the best series I have seen last year.


Babies, (Netflix) 

Fascinating series about the cognitive and and physical development of human beings


Le Petit Prince by Saint – Exupéry 

A kid’s book that every adult should read.


The Private Life of Plants (David Attenborough)

A little less known than the Planet Earth series, this one focus exclusively on plants. It is amazing to play in the background while napping but also to learn some incredible and strange facts.


Chef’s Table (Netflix) 

A must for anyone who works in any branch of hospitality.