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Our world has changed dramatically over the last few months and everyone has had to adapt in ways that were not imaginable before. For us in the hospitality industry, this has an even deeper meaning as our profession has historically been one of human contact and sharing stories over the bar – with our customers and within our bar community. 

But, we are learning to make our voices heard and our craft seen without actually being there. We are learning to connect virtually, we are learning new skills and making new friends in the process. 

One of the ways that we are here for you in these uncertain times is giving you, our community, access to our global network of mentors, sharing their insights and their expertise. 

Although we’ve had to change the way in which this happens, from “face to face” to “screen to screen”, we have come up with a way of bringing the on-trade community together through The Blends of The Virtual World.

The Blends of The Virtual World will bring you inspiring ideas, learning opportunities and connection moments through a series of content modules, discussions and workshops for the people both behind and beyond the bar.

We are excited to announce some of the hosts who will be taking you on this journey: Luke Whearty, Joe Schofield, Will Meredith and Sam Egerton, with many more to come. 

We’ve just launched the first of many modules to come, ‘BYRDI at Home” with Luke Whearty.

Luke will be covering a range of topics from Fermentation, to Seasonality and Texture.

Check out his teachings now!