Ardmore Production

Ardmore is one of the only Highland malt whiskies to be fully peated. This means all the malted barley used has been slowly and gently dried for a portion of the time by heat and smoke from a peat fire since the distillery was built in 1898.

The Peat

However, the peating is subtle at 12 to 15 parts per million, allowing for more complex flavors to emerge. In addition, mainland Scottish peating creates a different flavor than peating on Islay – the result is less salt and the taste is can be quite a bit softer.


Ardmore is double matured in two different sized casks adding to its unique flavor profile. First, the whisky is matured in full sized ex-bourbon barrels. Then, it is transferred to handmade 110L quarter casks for its second maturation. Quarter casks are significantly smaller than ex-bourbon barrels and allow greater contact with the oak during maturation.

Ardmore is one of only two single malt brands to use quarter casks in the maturation stage. When combined with Ardmore’s full, but relatively light peating, this second maturation creates an extraordinary malt whisky, having a well-rounded flavor with a unique peat-smoke richness, softened by a delicate sweetness.

The Finish

Ardmore is bottled at 46% ABV or 92 proof and non-chill filtered -- a more traditional process that further preserves the natural whisky taste. At bottle strength, the intense flavors burst and fill the mouth with a creamy peat tang and a touch of vanilla gentleness. The finish is full, succulent and long.

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