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From the Hive to the Glass with Giacomo Franceschi

Charlie Parker‘s in Sydney is one bar that has made a rooftop beehive part of their bar setup  and Giacomo Franceschi is the bee keeper. This allows bar, Bar Manager, unlimited access to their hive of honey from which he's fermenting mead, all the while adding 20,000 or so bees to the area. 

Discover below his two cocktails created for his workshop 'Bee Aware" during The Scholarship

Blossom Collins Recipe

  • 45ml ROKU Gin 
  • 90ml Wild orange blossom honey Mead 
  • 10ml Lemon Juice
  • 30ml Soda 

METHOD: Pour all the ingredients in a Collins glass and stir with a bar spoon add ice, add garnish. 

GARNISH: lemon

Faux Penicillin Recipe


METHOD: 130ml pour over block ice into Old Fashioned glass

GLASSWARE: Old Fashioned
GARNISH: Lemon verbena leaf
STORAGE: Refrigerate at 2-4 degrees

*Single Serve quantities