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America on Whiskey: Tim Heuisler, talks to us about Whiskey, being on the road and Basil Hayden

Opinion piece by Aaron Shuttleworth.

With the promise of rooftop drinks in summer dresses, toasts to dying suns and a healthy dose of convict conviviality, Tim Heuisler, Global Small Batch Ambassador took it upon himself to fly to the current wettest place on earth to celebrate the launch of Basil Hayden Toast with a series of Golden Hour parties.

He managed to defy the gods and was blessed with sunshine. The government is currently tabling an offer to lure him here full time.


How did Basil Hayden Toast come about and where do you see it fitting on people’s backbars?


Toast is exciting because it takes innovation notes from both Booker and Freddie.  Booker was the first to start distilling a brown rice bourbon, which Freddie has now brought back, and using modern finishing techniques with toasted barrels from Independent Stave Company, created Basil Hayden Toast.  It's a step up from your classic Basil Hayden, offering a rounder and more elevated, but still welcoming drinking experience.  Just one more step in the American Whiskey drinker's exploration!


It was your first time visiting Australia; what were the highlights and what were your favourite bars you visited?


This was my first but certainly not my last trip to Australia.  I was taken aback by how clean it was (shout out to Philadelphia and NYC - why is trash comforting?  Taking notes for my next therapy session).  Jokes aside, blown away by the hospitality scene and pleasantly surprised with each new spot I was fortunate enough to check out.  My travels always include the purchasing of t-shirts from my favourite spots and this one was no different - Shady Pines Saloon and Frankie's Pizza took my suitcase space in Sydney - but so many others to list including The Baxter Inn, and in Melbourne - Elysian Whisky Bar, Fable, and the Pearl Diver.  Actively looking to add to this list on the next go round...


How has the role of a BA changed in the post-covid world? Are you looking to connect globally with consumers and the trade in different ways?


This is a job that is built around people and relationships.  Being a Brand Ambassador basically means that we are the human embodiment of a brand.  I've always looked to connect with people be it over ten years ago behind the bar, or currently while on the road with a backpack full of whiskey.  Today's world is trying so desperately to pull us apart, but you find me two strangers and I'll find the glass of whiskey that will connect em’.


What can we expect next from the small batch portfolio?


A lot.  In the near future - American Single Malt and big innovations in the Rye category. That’s all I’m (legally) allowed to say!