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The Social Exchange – Drams From Afar

The Social Exchange is a live streamed social media series bringing together the trade community to facilitate training, share knowledge, encourage conversation and support each other – because even though we are in isolation it doesn’t mean we can’t share a dram from afar.

“It started out as an educational piece, but really it’s about staying connected and supporting each other through this time in the industry. It is a really tough time. People are having financial hardships, they are isolated, and they’re quite worried about their family and friends. Tough times don’t last but tough people do, and we think there’s nothing tougher than reaching out for help…” says Cam Pirret, The Exchange NSW Brand Ambassador.

“We are asking people to reach out - not only to your friends, but the industry that is so supportive and has such an amazing community spirit.”

Erica Richards recently hosted her first live session discussing Bourbon and explained that “what’s really important at the moment is that we support each other, that we are kind to each other, but also that we can have a bit of a laugh! We can still have a drink, we can still talk to our friends & community via social media, and together with this awesome industry we will make it to the other side.”

Head to The Exchange’s Facebook & Instagram channels for the latest live session updates, engage in competitions & to join the conversation. Breaking the cabin fever together, one dram at a time.