Maker's Mark®

Maker’s Mark was created to be the first bourbon that is full-flavoured, yet easy to drink. Bill Samuels Sr.’s recipe revolutionised the bourbon industry and single-handedly created the premium bourbon category.

Unchanged since its inception, Maker’s Mark is handcrafted from start to finish. Bill replaced the traditional spicy rye with red winter wheat producing a uniquely full, yet soft and smooth flavour. Our bourbon is aged to taste, ensuring a consistency and quality that makes Maker’s Mark, well…Maker’s Mark.

Each bottle is still hand-dipped, and no two are exactly alike. The wax seal, aside from being the unique marker of every bottle, is also a symbol of the hand-crafting our bourbon enjoys along every step of its journey – from the base ingredients to the finished product.


Woody oak, caramel, vanilla and wheat prevail in the nose.


Sweet and balanced with caramel, vanilla and fruity essences.


Smooth and subtle.

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