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Drunken Swine

Cocktail created by Michael Jones, for the NZ regional finals of The Perfect Blend cocktail competition, Oceania 2017.




One rasher of smokey streaky bacon


1 part Maker’s Mark® Bourbon

0.5 part Courvoisier® VS

1 part of 2 tbsp Really Russian Caravan loose tea steeped in 100ml

1 small scoop homemade sorbet of lemon, honey & ginger

rasher of smoked streaky bacon


Mix the three liquids in one separate vessel. Place sorbet in base of drinking vessel and rasher up against side. Instruct customer to pour liquid over rasher into sorbet and use rasher to stir concoction and melt the sorbet.
Michael Jones

Introducing the creator of Drunken Swine, Michael Jones. Michael is an apprentice category finalist in The Perfect Blend Cocktail competition 2017 from New Zealand.