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Island isolation: Fostering and growing a community

Being a younger bartender on the Island, sometimes it can be challenging to find like-minded individuals, whose schedules and shifts line up with yours. Which occasionally makes the hospitality path here, a lonely one. But the community is growing!

A new wave of hospitality operators and individuals is eagerly entering the fold. In this video, some of the forerunners speak about fostering a community, island isolation, and the changing tide toward brands focusing on big cities. 
As a collective, operators are keen to ensure their offerings stay relevant and interesting as you’re entertaining an audience who’s limited to the confines of a nation spanning just 221 miles squared. 

We also go on to discuss the effect 'island life' can have on the depth and quality of labor available and how given many lack experience – it presents a unique opportunity to mould budding prospects into A* team members!