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Drew's Isle Of Man's city guide

  • Nothing better than when herbs from Staarvey Farm are in season. Arguably the most attractive mint you could lay eyes on… It’s also a family-run business and the team is so lovely!


  • Pre-shift coffee from Henderson and Glass is a must! It’s right around the corner from Kiki Lounge and they roast the beans in-house. 


  • My favorite restaurant has got to be Little Fish Cafe. In a quayside location with local seafood on the menu, it’s simply divine. Always great house cocktails on the menu too.


  • Sunday night Karaoke with the team at Jak’s soothes the soul (unless you hear my singing) after a weekend behind the bar.


  • I’m guilty of one too many visits to ROOTS. A grab-and-go coffee shop that serves awesome locally-sourced bagels. 


  • I recently moved to Fusion Barbell gym. It’s on the way to/from work and operates 24/7 so it’s helped me cut down on the excuses and exercise more regularly!


  • The Island is full of great heritage sites and museums, But I’d have to say my favorite is the House of Manannan! It is named after the mythological sea god, Manannan, and showcases the island's Celtic, Viking, and Maritime history.